Who are we

" We don't devour food, we savor it ! "

We are a couple of passionate foodies with a little background in Computer Science. We started this blog in Oct’2015, as a way of keeping ourselves busy while following our enthusiasm for food. We post quick and easy recipes (for the most part) on our blog, and we post our daily food-adventures on our social media.

Travelling is also one of our passions, add food to that mix – that’s what dreams are made of. We travel all over looking for some amazing food experiences and try to come back home with something new, which we try to apply in our routine meals. Some of it ends up as fun recipes on our blog.

More about us

At the moment this is not our full-time job, so we like to keep our photo and video "editing" - to the bare minimum, which saves us lot of time. Plus we like to dig into our food, as soon as its ready & before it gets cold, so we minimize the time spent in taking pictures. So, there's that.
We are always on the lookout of places that would 'change our lives'. We have a specific definition of those places - after visiting a place, or eating a dish, if it changes our life so much that we can look back and distinguish our life before and after that event, then that place "changed our lives" For example, when we had a dish made in Sichuan spices at our favorite Chinese Restaurant in Philly. That was our first taste of Sichuan peppercorn, that tingly-tongue-numbing sensation with a power punch of spice. Our life totally changed after that. There are a few more such 'change of life' experiences, but we are always on the lookout for more.
Every time we travel we make 2 lists of places to visit, 1 is of touristy destinations and the other is of food places. We spend hours researching, reading blogs, and reviews on what would be the best places to visit, and we try to squeeze as many of them as we can in our short time and budget.
While we haven't kept our individual identities a secret, but we always refer ourselves on the web as a group/couple, i.e. 'Foodie Muggles', rather than by our own names. That has to do more to the fact that we have not split our work to distinguish who does what, and we often exchange roles and fill in each other's shoes and are both involved in every aspect of this. Feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Page or social media, we are fairly quick to respond to genuine comments/suggestions/queries/discussions.