New York is most popular for it's pizza. They say the mighty Pizza may have been invented in Italy, but it most certainly was perfected in New York City. When asked what's the secret that makes NY Pizza so good, most people would say it's the water. May be, may be not but one thing is certain, some of the best pizza we have ever had, were in New York. Everyone has their own favorites and most people have different opinions on each. We did our own research. We visited several pizza places, most of which are popular among native New Yorkers as well as tourists. Of all the places we visited, here's our ranking of the top 5. This is an unbiased ranking and we did not receive any monetary, social, product or psychological incentive for this post.

Di Fara Pizza

We had heard everywhere this is THE best pizza in New York, and as it turns out, it is not at all further than the truth. This was our first stop during our New York food crawl and after waiting in line for about 10-15 min (which is not bad) we got one slice of the regular and one slice of the square pizza. The secret of any outstanding dish depends mostly on the quality of the products that are used to make it and what makes this pizza different from others is the fact that you can taste the quality of the products. You can really and very distinctly taste the tomatoes, the olive oil and the basil in each bite. We could feel the burst of the delicious olive oil when we took the first bite. Both the square and the regular probably had the same tomato sauce but they still tasted so different from each other. We are not bit pizza fans but we would surely come all the way back to New York for this pizza. It is one of the best and most memorable pizza experience we have had and hence tops our list of best pizzas. Hands down Rank 1.


Very closely following our first ranked pizza is Roberta's. Going along with the public opinions we got the bee sting pizza and it was so good. Like soo gooood. The pizza was super thin and the sauce had a pleasing sweetness from the honey. The basil, sopressata, chili oil and mozzarella were a great combination. The name is quite apt, the sweetness of the honey and the tiny sting from the chili oil, it's ccertainly the "bee sting". Now this is one combination we would never have thought in a million years. They have many more great pizza options, which we Would love to try in the future, and who knows, may be then Roberta's may end up getting to the top of the ranking.

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza

Ok. This pizza is nothing like your regular New York Pizza. The crust is thick and bread like which holds their very thick, heavy and creamy secret sauce quite well. We got a slice of the artichoke pizza which is fairly big and heavy which we both shared and we still had a hard time finishing it. We usually prefer thin crust pizza and although this pizza was anything but thin crust we truly enjoyed it. It was creamy, it was cheesy and we got chunks of artichoke every now and then. And although you couldn't taste a lot of artichoke but it was still fairly rich and delicious, In their defense artichoke doesn't really have a stand out flavor. This pizza was surely a guilty pleasure, and when visiting New York with our folks, we'd certainly bring them here.


The first thing you will notice when you get this pizza is that they have possibly the thinnest pizza ever you have ever seen. we had heard their vodka pizza is really good so we had to try it. We ordered half vodka - half Bianca. The pizza was super thin and even the small size is huge. Personally we liked bianca more than vodka, and the vodka sauce wasn't any different than the vodka sauce we have had at other places. We might go as far as saying that the vodka sauce sold in jars at Trader Joe's comes quite close to the one here. While the pizza was good but it would not be in the top 3 of our list, but we are most certainly glad we visited and tried here.

Prince Street Pizza

As soon as you walk in here you'll see the walls covered with celebrity pictures, and no doubt this place is worth it. They are popular for the pepperoni square pizza and even though we are not big into pepperoni we made an exception for this place. This pizza is covered with tiny little cups of pepperoni. They taste great and have super crispy edges which makes the pizza even better. So if you like square pizzas and pepperoni this is the place for you. No wonder it is a favorite of a lot of celebrities.

The Disappointment

Joe’s Pizza

Joe's Pizza is another popular institution known for serving the classic New York slice. The walls of this place are covered with pictures of celebrities- film stars, musicians, politicians and more. It was the most crowded pizza place that we went that day but unfortunately it was not the best pizza that we had that day. Not sure if we went to the wrong location or went on a wrong day or the pizza maker just wasn't feeling it that day, but compared to the other places this place certainly did not stand out and didn't have an great impact on us in terms of flavor or crust or ingredients. All in all, there was nothing exceptional about their pizza and hence a disappointment. It might have been more so because of it's hype among the foodie community, but honestly we would probably not think about this place when thinking about Pizzas in New York.

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