My husband is not a fan of banana but loves these banana muffins. This is perfect way to use all the over ripe banana lying around in the house. I have added blueberries but you can make muffins with just banana or with just blueberry or no fruit at all. I think anyone can make muffin but what makes these muffins so special is the crumb topping. The muffin itself is not very sweet but the sugary topping on top makes it perfect. I have tried using both white sugar and brown sugar to make the topping but personally I preferred the topping made with white sugar over brown as the brown sugar topping gets soggy afterwards while white sugar topping remains crispy. I also used olive oil to make the muffins as it makes the muffins super moist. I personally don’t like too much cinnamon so added just a pinch to my crumbs but you can add more if you like it.


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