Momo is a type of dumpling native to Tibet. It has become a popular street food across India. I am sharing both veg and non veg filling for the momo. Though I am no expert in folding and making authentic pretty momos but these taste good and whenever  I am craving momos I can make them easily. There are various videos on youtube on how to fold momos and you can try some simple folds. Momos are served with schezwan sauce and i will share its recipe soon, but you can always use the ching’s schezwan chutney which is pretty good. If you fry your momos instead of steaming them you get wontons and you can put theses momos in chicken soup to get wonton chicken soup 🙂
You can also make Tandoori momo by marinating the cooked momo’s in tandoori masala and baking them.
Check out all the images above, for the variations.


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