I am a huge fan of sichuan style Chinese food because of it’s big bold spicy flavors and I love mutton/lamb so combining these two is the best thing ever. I had these dumplings in a famous joint in New York called Xian famous food and ever since then wanted to try it at home. They turned out amazing and need I say even better than the original as the Xian famous food ones were not spicy (even though we ordered the spicy ones)and I was super happy.
I have used lamb for the filling but you can get recipe for the vegetarian and chicken filling from here.These dumplings are served with spicy and sour chili sauce which takes it another level.

P.S. The video above was one of our earliest attempts at videos, so isn’t the best, but still does the trick. We’ll try to remake this video, and hopefully will be much better.


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