Schezwan style Chinese food has become really popular in India.Every restaurant serves Schezwan style fried rice/noodles, chicken etc. The Indianised schezwan chutney has become a popular condiment and has become essential accompaniment for appetizers. One of the reasons it become so popular was because its spicy and Indians love there spice. So when we went to this authentic schezwan restaurant I was confident thinking I was an expert in schezwan cuisine and oh my how wrong was I!! The authentic schewan or sichuan is nothing like what we get in India, It is much much much better. On eating the food it was like a revelation,it was nothing we had ever tasted before. The use of Sichuan pepper elevated the dish to another level. Sichuan peppers which are not spicy but have a particular flavor and numbing effect on your tongue. The sichuan pepper is a strong flavor and make a world of a difference.
I tried to remake one of the recipes and I am happy to say that I was quiet successful. The recipe uses silken tofu which I prefer compared to firm tofu which I find really bland as it doesn’t soak up flavors as well as paneer so if you don’t get silken tofu I suggest you use paneer instead. For fish I used flounder but you can use any white fish of your choice.

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