Salads can be something really boring and many times I have seen people adding lots ranch or cheese etc to make it more palatable. But then whats the point of eating salad if yo are gonna make your salad unhealthy anyways.
That’s why I love Asian Cooking.The best things about Asian cooking is that it can make something as boring as a salad into something amazing flavorful and yet healthy at the same time.
Papaya salad is one of those salads, it’s yummy and yet very impressive and exotic. If you have the ingredients it is very easy to make. In US you can get green papaya from any Asian grocery store. In India papayas plant are one of the most common plants that many people have in their gardens.
After you are done peeling the papaya don’t throw away the peels because it is one of the best natural tenderizer , and you can use it to tenderize your meat.


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