I always liked the idea of home made ice cream but its not just a lot of work to make your own ice cream but it also needs a lot of special ingredients and an ice cream machine, so I kinda of stuck to the store bought ice cream until I found this amazing two ingredient ice-cream recipe. To tell you the truth I was skeptical I have tried other two-three ingredient ice-creams using yogurt or bananas and those tasted just like what they were, icy frozen fruits.
I wanted a recipe which made real ice cream , smooth creamy ice cream, who would have thought all you need are two ingredients to make the richest, silkiest, most intense caramel ice cream ever. No churning or ice cream maker needed!
Great thing about these no-churn ice creams other than being amazingly delicious and ridiculously simple to make, they can be easily adapted to just about any flavor you can think of.
You can make ice cream using Cream + condensed milk + flavor of your choice. I wanted to make a truly two ingredient ice cream plus I love dulce de leche ice cream so I turned the condensed milk into dulce de leche but you can use the condensed milk directly to make any other flavored ice cream.


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