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Los Angeles Food Crawl

Californians are known for their health-conscious diets and lifestyles. They are what you can call the ultimate hipsters. Being the hipster town, Los Angeles has a lot to offer from around the world, it’s one of the greatest places for food in America, not just because of its endless variety of cuisines, but also because of it's incredible produce. Because of it's close proximity to Mexico obviously Tacos is the most popular food here but you can get every kind of cuisine here be it Mexican or Japanese or thai, etc Here is the list of all the food places which are a must visit:

Philippe the Original

This place is an institution in LA and the first place we ate at after coming to LA. We got the Lamb french double dip and it was soo good. The sandwich was generously filled with lamb and all the lamb juices were following out as we bit into it. It was definitely one of the best sandwiches ever. No wonder this place has been around for so long.

Howlin' Ray's

Ever since we tried Nashville Chicken in Nashville we had fallen in love with it. We tried to find Nashville style chicken around our area but every place disappointed us big time. It's like they wanted to make Nashville chicken but couldn't commit to making it spicy and ended up making an oily mess instead. when we were going to visit LA we heard about this place and wanted to check it out and see if it really was like the real deal. To start with , the line did remind us of Nashville as even in Nashville we spent a long time standing in line outside Hattie b's and Prince's. It took us 3 hours of standing to finally get our chicken. So only come if you have an open schedule. In-spite of our past experience and though we promised ourselves that we will never order the extra hot Nashville chicken we again made the dumb decision to order half extra hot and half hot chicken. We took precautions of buying ice cream and drinking yogurt but the chicken still burnt down our inside. It took us 2 days but we manged to finish off the chicken. Was it better than Prince's chicken? maybe not, but was it good and best Nashville style chicken outside Nashville? For sure. I would suggest people to go for medium or maximum hot but don't go over that. And mind you we are Indians who have grown up eating spicy. If you cannot handle spice, don't be adventurous cuz you will kill yourself.

Grand Central Market

It’s a nice hip place to hang out and have some great food. there are a lot of cool places, including the very famous eggslut. You can get vegan Ramen, tacos, good seafood, thai food , etc. It’s busy,crowded , loud but a fun place. Even if you are not foodie it’s worth the trip.


It’s situated in the grand central market an the line is pretty crazy , so don’t come on a tight schedule. We got “the slut” and fair-fax sandwich. The slut was good something unique but I was not expecting much from the sandwich. I mean come on, it looked just like a normal sandwich with egg but boy I was so wrong. It was one of the creamiest, cheesiest sandwich ever. The sweetness from the caramelized onions and the Brioche bread was amazing. It didn’t have any textures and though I like textures in food but I liked this soft,gooey, fluffy and mushy sandwich. I even tried making the sandwich at home and pleased that the result was very successful. Definitely worth it.

Tacos Tumbras a Tomas

Located in Grand Central market this place looked quiet popular. We just got the goat taco because we wanted to try a lot of other things in the market which turned out to be a good thing because the taco turned out to be huge. He gave us extra taco’s with it and it was more like a meal. Plus it was really cheap. The goat was cooked well it was flavorful. Definitely worth a visit in grand central market.

Marugame Monzo

This restaurant was on our list and when we went to Daikokuya ,we were surprised that this place was right next to each other. Both the places had a long line so we decided to go in which ever place calls us first. Luckily we got in marugame first. We got sea urchin cream udon and mentai squid butter udon. We also got a tempura soft boiled egg and kakiage. The Sea urchin udon was rich and creamy with sea urchin crumbs mixed in and salmon roe on top. The squid in the mentai squid udon was perfectly cooked and super tender. The best part of the mentai squid udon was the sauce, it was made with fish eggs, we never thought of making a sauce out of fish eggs, it was a genius idea that we are gonna try to recreate at home. Overall definitely a must visit.

Daikokuya Little Tokyo

After waiting for a long time at the little tokyo’s outlet and giving up and eating at marugame manjo. We couldn’t leave before trying the best ramen in town. So we came to this place instead. We came here as soon as it opened as we didn’t want the little tokyo story happening again. We ended up being the first people there. We got the shisho age which was ground tuna wrapped in shisho leaves and fried in a tempura batter, Daikoku Ramen and the Spicy Miso Ramen. The Shisho age was actually good and nice appetizer. Both the daikoku ramen and the spicy Miso ramen were pretty good, The broth was very flavorful and fatty which was great. I also like the side condiments of pickled garlic.Overall good bowl of ramen.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

Roscoe’s is an iconic place popular for it’s chicken and waffles. When we reached here, there was no line which was good, but after being seated we were left waiting for a long time while the people around us who came later got their food. Finally they realized that they forgot about us and took our order. We got a plate of chicken livers , a plate of chicken and waffles and a drink called sunset. Frankly the food was good , the chicken was moist , the chicken livers were crispy but there was nothing exceptional about it. We have definitely had better and in our words life changing chicken before and I did not get what all the hype was about. It is more expensive than the usual chicken places and still it’s not that way better than them. The drink sunset was like fake tasting over sweet juice. After eating, our second struggle began, to get hold of the server to get our check and than the third struggle of her bringing back our credit card which took good 10 minutes. This was not even a crowded time I wonder how they manage when it gets crazy.


We had hard a lot about the ricotta toast so had to give it a go.We had already planned our lunch so we just got the ricotta toast but all things that this place had to offer looked really good. Though it sounds so simple with some ricotta and jam on a toast but it was surely a pleasant surprise. The ricotta was so creamy and smooth and the jam was just right , not to sweet not to tart. This is how I am going to have toast from now on.

Philz Coffee

Wow so many amazing options. Nothing we have ever seen. You can taste the high quality of ingredients they use in their coffee. The mint majito was absolutely amazing. Ok to be frank I don’t like coffee but even those who don’t like coffee like me should definitely check this place out.


On our visit to LA one thing we were hoping for was good tacos, and LA surely delivered on that. Guisados is possibly the most popular chain for tacos so we had to visit. Fist thing you notice is that they have a lot of options. Also all the options are really good and authentic. I got the mole poblano, tinga de pollo and Camarones. All three tacos were good with mole one being my favorite.

Original Farmers Market

It’s a popular touristy destination in LA. There are many different types of food available from Singaporean to Mexican. And though food is not as good as what you get in Grand central but I still think that if you are visiting LA as a tourist then you should come here. We tried the Singapore’s Banana Leaf and bob’s coffee and doughnuts which were decent enough. Also this place is next to The Grove which is another touristy street.

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