Slow Cooker Lamb Nihari

Bringing you a recipe from the royal kitchens of Mughal Delhi. Nihari, a slow cooked stew would be cooked overnight to be served as breakfast to the royals after the morning prayers.

Pizza Dough

Simple home made pizza crust.

Hunkar begendi- Turkish Lamb Stew With Roasted Eggplant Puree

Creamy, cheesy roasted eggplant paired beautifully with tender lamb. This dish is surely a Delight in fact it’s Sultans delight, literally!!

Thai Green Papaya Salad

Sweet , Spicy, Salty and sour this Thai Papaya salad has everything that you want 🙂

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a spicy, red, deep fried chicken recipe usually served as bar snack or quick appetizer

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Try this popular American Chinese dish Honey Walnut Shrimp/Prawns.

Litti Chokha

Popular dish from the Indian state of Bihar

Mexican Tomato Rice

Mexican Inspired Tomato Rice

Chicken Mole

A twist on Mole, the signature dish of Mexico.

Singaporean Chili Crab

The national dish of Singapore Chili crabs made quickly and easily

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