Pizza Dough

Simple home made pizza crust.

Homemade Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce

Simple flavorful pizza sauce made with fresh tomatoes.


Try these olive garden inspired bread sticks with addition of rosemary and garlic.

Thin Crust Arugula Pesto Naan Pizza

Simple healthy flat bread arugula pesto pizza

Arugula Pesto

Peppery Arugula pesto

Spaghetti in Creamy Avocado sauce

I saw this recipe on Food Network once and had planned on trying it out for a long time, If you are an avocado or guacamole person, then this Creamy avocado sauce will make this dish your favorite kind of pasta dish.
Feel free to replace Spaghetti with your choice of pasta, and you still won’t regret it.

Quick and Easy Couscous

I think this is one of those dishes you couldn’t really go wrong with it, Unless you want to go wrong on purpose. Make your own variations and let us know in the comments. It is usually served with meat or vegetable stew on top of it.

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